Petrina Entertainer and Singer

It's complete pure nonsense but It's complete pure FUN!

A life size cartoon app show all costumes are made of paper - a funny quick costume change singing show with multi media video backdrops where the show looks like built in an 'app'

The show has been uniquely designed for a fun quick change with paper costumes, Petrina sings through the famous performers from Adele, Lady Gaga, Lulu, Cher, Mick Jagger, Elvis, Dolly Parton, Jessica Rabbit, Freddie Mercury, The Royal Queen, Madonna, Tina Turner, Katie Perry, Liza Minelli, Joan Jett, Shirley Bassey and even Janis Joplin, Petrina is always adding new costume ideas to the show.

The backdrops are a huge looking 'app' so when she performs the show is life size, buttons get pressed, for either, change of music, change costume, change wigs, effects and backgrounds and even trivia questions, the trivia is for the audience to guess who's coming next while some costume changes happen, as the audience oo's and ahhh's at the answer, Petrina's singing and performing talent bursts into song of the artist she artistically drawn and created herself, wigs, boots, props . . . the lot. A show not to be taken too seriously as you never know what piece of the costume may fall apart, to the delights of the audience, in laughter as this does happen, they all think the show is going wrong, but that's how it's made, short bursts of songs and snappy cutting of songs along with sound effects makes the chaotic scene and costume changes even more funnier. This has been creatively designed to make it feel, things are strangely go wrong and things will, Madonna gold pointy boobs may fall off, Jessica Rabbits sexy leg may drop off, wigs may rip off, substitute could be found, which leave the audience laughing even more. Finishing on audience participation of Proud Mary with the shimmy dresses definitely finishes off the show with a bang.  

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